21st Century eLearning for Life at Qatar Academy

Welcome to the E-Learning for Life wiki at Qatar Academy. Please use the Above Discussion Tab for your comments, questions or feedback.
This is the portal for planning and moving into 21st century teaching modes using new digital tools.

eLearning Update..

Teachers and students will be involved in
  1. Moodle as a Virtual Learning environment
  2. Changeover to PowerSchool 7 as the Administration software that will included posting assessments available to parents
  3. Students across Grades 6 through 10 being provided Mac laptops as part of the school's 1:1 program
  4. ePortfolios for Grades 6 - 9 in 2010-11. Grade 6 - 9 will be presenting to their parents in April.

  5. Continuation of the SUNY COETAIL Course for 35 teachers

  6. A Digital Learning curriculum across Grades 6 through 9 to develop student support for classroom use of educational technologies
  7. The development of a physical and virtual space, ThinkLab, to develop teacher ed tech expertise and bolster Qatari involvement.
So buckle in for what will be an interesting ride

IT Technical Support
Support has moved to a new Room across from Multimedia Lab 1
Please continue to email all IT concerns on-line to itsc@qf.org.qa (you can simply address issuers to itsupport).
You will be issued a call number. You must give your name, location in the school, and clear statement of problem.
What's New?

Introduction of Moodle Testing Calendar
Google Apps for School Accounts for all Teachers

Professional Development

This section will highlight Teacher Learning opportunities.

Apple Workshops

Google Trianing Coming